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ATR God Pro

Our Most Powerful Indicator Yet !


  • ATR Dynamic Risk Control
  • Dynamic Money Management - Cryptos, Stock, Forex, Indices
  • Strategy Filters - (MA's, SMI, Stoch MFI Strong & Weak, Stoch RSI, MACD)
  • Alternative Closing Methods - SMI & SMFI
  • All Plotting Options Available + Experimental
  • Timeframe Lock
  • Free Stochastic Momentum Index Indicator & Stochastic Money Flow Index
  • Free updates & Release notes
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All-inclusive Membership

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  • Premium indicator suite on TradingView - ATR GOD Pro
  • Community access & Education
  • Strategy Filters - Back Tested Settings
  • Real-time alerts & non-repaint signals
  • User strategies & setups shared weekly
  • Support & active product updates
  • Free Access to all our new indicators
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

TraderMagz® ATR God Indicator uses Multiple Indicators All in One

ATR (Average True Range)

This script uses the ATR to determine volatility and set dynamic stop-loss levels. The ATR multiplier is adjustable based on the asset class (e.g., stocks, crypto, indices), allowing for flexible risk management.

Stochastic Money Flow

The MFI is a technical analysis indicator that helps traders identify overbought or oversold conditions in an asset by considering both price and volume data. It's essentially a variation of the RSI (Relative Strength Index) that incorporates volume for a more nuanced view. Stochastic MFI is the acceleration or deceleration of the money flow.

Stochastic MFI - Moved out of strength

The Stochastic MFI moved out of strength, indicating the trend is slowing.

Stochastic MFI - Moved into weakness

The Stochastic MFI moved into weakness, indicating the trend is slowing at an even faster pace.


Divergences occur when the price moves opposite to an indicator, signaling potential reversals. Bullish divergences indicate upward momentum when price makes lower lows but the indicator makes higher lows.

DPO - The detrended price oscillator

Used to identify potential buying and selling opportunities by highlighting cycles in price movements, rather than the overall trend

DPO - Above the line

DPO values above zero suggest the price is above its historical average

Power Pivots

Are crucial for identifying market support and resistance levels. The CPR includes the central pivot, top central pivot, and bottom central pivot, indicating market sentiment as bullish, bearish, or neutral. It helps traders make informed entry and exit decisions, spot potential price reversals, and set effective stop-loss and take-profit points.

Pivot Target

Can be used as take-profit points.

Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI)

Used to gauge an asset's price momentum and identify potential overbought or oversold conditions

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“TraderMagz has truly outdone themselves with these indicators. As someone relatively new to trading, the blend of user-friendly interfaces with advanced money management strategies are a godsend. 

The customizable visualization tools are just the cherry on top, making back-testing not just insightful but also a visual pleasure. Highly recommend for anyone serious about upping their trading game

Kate Jones

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